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NMI3 is a European consortium of 18 partner organisations from 12 countries, including all major facilities in the fields of neutron scattering and muon spectroscopy. Read more

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    NMI3 supports scientific collaborations to develop new instrumentation and techniques for neutron scattering and muon spectroscopy. Find out more.

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    PAXY at LLB
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    Visit our Access Programme pages to find out more about getting access to the best neutron and muon facilities in Europe.

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    In our Education pages, students will find information about training in neutron and muon science as well as educational resources.

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    Articles about recent research carried out thanks to NMI3 funding.

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    Updates, interviews and exciting news about the neutron and muon worlds.

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    In our Calendar you will find information about upcoming conferences, schools, proposal deadlines, and more.

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Latest news

26. August 2015

European Commission Establishes ESS as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium


The EC in Brussels formally adopted its decision to establish the European Spallation Source as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium, or ERIC. read more

06. August 2015

Magnets made of non-magnetic metals

Molecular interfaces make copper magnetic.

Muons were essential to show how non-magnetic metals become magnetic. The experiments at PSI received NMI3 funding. read more

03. August 2015

SINE2020 Grant Agreement signed by the European Commission

SINE2020 - newsletter teaser

The Grant Agreement for SINE2020 has now been signed by the European Commission. The project will start this year on October 1 and will last four years. read more

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