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October 2014: e-newsletter 18

Dear colleagues,

In our 18th Inside NMI3 e-newsletter you can find news on:

  • A novel technology to produce large-scale neutron converters
  • The official McStas 2.1 release
  • The NMI3 General Assembly in Zaragoza
  • Future Muon Sources workshop
  • NaMES schools: registration for the Fan du LLB and HERCULES
  • CFP for neutron experiments at PSI
  • The construction of the ESS
  • New link on the Educational Resources page

We hope you enjoy your reading,
The NMI3 coordination team

Scientific highlights

Good results obtained with a novel technology to produce large-scale neutron converters

NMI3 supports a European collaboration to develop an atmospheric plasma deposition system to produce Boron-10 layers. You can watch our video!

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The official McStas 2.1 release is finally out!

Beyond NMI3, the NMI3-I collaboration on Monte Carlo and Data Analysis keeps on being successful as the team has just released the official McStas 2.1.

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The NMI3 General Assembly in Zaragoza

This year the NMI3 General Assembly took place on September 25th in Zaragoza, Spain. The Institute of Materials Science of Aragon has hosted 50 project members who met to learn about the work developed by their colleagues of other work packages as well as the future plans for NMI3.

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Future Muon Sources – don't miss the workshop!

An opportunity to discuss the development and application of future Muon sources.

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Registration now open for the 2014 Fan du LLB School

The Fan du LLB school is now open for registration. It will take place on December 8-11 at Saclay near Paris. The deadline is October 19.

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Deadline for registration for the HERCULES school: October 15

The next HERCULES school on neutrons and synchrotron radiation for science will take place in Grenoble from March 1 to April, 2015. NMI3 supports the school.

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News from NMI3 partners

Deadline for neutron proposals submissions at PSI: November 15

NMI3 supports researchers for the beam time period I/15 between 01/05/2015 and 31/08/2015.

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Foundation stone ceremony marks scientific importance of ESS

Today, several hundred members of the European scientific community are gathering at the ESS construction site, for the ESS Foundation Stone Ceremony.

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The Construction of ESS is Underway

The official start of the construction for the European Spallation Source was on September 2.

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The NMI3 website

Educational Resources – new link!

We've got a new link on our Educational Resources page. Neutrons4Science provides interactive 3D animations for education in the form of web activities and apps.

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New events on the calendar

19 – 21 November (2014)
Industry Meeting

12 – 13 January (2015)
Future Muon Sources

1 March – 1 April (2015)
HERCULES European School

13 – 18 September (2015)

Next events

12 – 16 October
Workshop on SE@NSF

20 – 23 October
JCNS Workshop

22 – 23 October
Horace Workshop

Integrated Infrastructure Initiative for Neutron scattering and Muon spectroscopy

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