Structural Biology on the Move

Date 24. August 2015 - 27. August 2015


Hotel Skt Petri, Copenhagen, Denmark


With the 61st Benzon Symposium: ”Structural Biology on the Move” we wish to highlight a collection of the most intriguing analytical challenges in the light of selected splendid achievements within structural biology. Notably, we will cover magnitudes of length-scales, from high-resolution analysis to whole-cell imaging, promoting current important development within hybrid structural analysis, where methods across boundaries between established and emerging disciplines are applied. With the 61st Benzon Symposium, we aim to envision the grand opportunities that are to come in structural biology.

The Symposium is a full 4-day scientific meeting. The format will be a combination of state-of-the-art lectures by invited speakers, by selected oral-poster presentations, and poster presentations.




Bente Vestergaard, Lise Arleth, Dmitri I. Svergun, Joe Zaccai, Egon Bech Hansen, Andreas Kjær, Sven Frøkjær and Niels Borregaard

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