02. April 2013 - 05. April 2013 School on Surface Analytical Techniques

Geneva, Switzerland

Description School on Surface Analytical Techniques – Probing Macromolecules at Water-Solid Interfaces This school will introduce the key analytical techniques available to study macromolecules adsorbed at water-solid interfaces, such as proteins or polyelectrolytes. The topics covered will include optical, X-ray, and neutron reflectivity, scanning probe microscopy, and direct force measurements.

The school addresses PhD students, postdocs, and professionals working in areas where characterization of adsorbed macromolecules is essential, and who would either like to be introduced to the available state-of-the-art techniques or to deepen their knowledge in those. The school may also be of interest to researchers in surface based sensors, functional coatings, or biofilms. The school will mainly focus at novel technical developments and data interpretation, rather than on applications to specific systems.


University of Geneva

Contact Name

Michal Borkovec