29. May 2013 - 31. May 2013 Neutrons and Life Sciences

Elite Hotel Ideon, Lund, Sweden


This symposium will bring together current and future users of neutron techniques in the biomedical sciences to discuss common challenges and future opportunities at ESS.

The meeting will examine the question of what is needed to overcome perceived barriers to a broader range of applications of neutron research in the life science communities. We hope to demonstrate to the participants at this meeting that the ESS will be an important resource for the life sciences that can be integrated into their regular streams of research and our main aim is that the meeting will initiate novel neutron research in a broad future user community.

The meeting will have a combined focus on life science challenges that may be solved with the use of neutrons, together with presenting existing expertise and on-going developments in neutron science.

The programme will include keynote and invited lectures from leading researchers in life sciences as well as from neutron scattering experts describing current state-of-the art applications and support technologies.


Molecular biology, biochemistry and biophysics, biotechnology and biomaterials, and biomedical research.

Registration: 120 eur

Abstract and registration deadline: 19th of April


University of Copenhagen and MoreLife Network at Lund University

Contact Name

Hanna Wacklin, ESS, Esko Oksanen, ESS, Sindra Petersson Årsköld, ESS, Lise Arleth, University of Copenhagen, Bente Vestergaard, University of Copenhagen, Marite Cardenas, University of Copenhagen, Jens Lagerstedt Lund University