02. December 2013 - 06. December 2013 Neutron Scattering & X-Ray Studies for the Advancement of Materials

Thermec 2013 in Las Vegas (USA)


Modern and upcoming neutron- and synchrotron radiation facilities bear the potential of novel characterization and analysis methods for the un-precedented understanding of materials as they have been developed very recently or will show up in the future.
The Topic Symposium builds on the success at Thermec’2011 in Qu├ębec seeking contributions from the following list, relevant to applied or fundamental materials analysis:

  • novel and potential instrumentation, including sources, beamlines and devices, and their pioneering applications to materials
  • novelties from synchrotron, free-electron-laser, energy-recovery linac, nuclear reactor and spallation sources
  • emerging techniques, such as comprehensive data analysis into multiple dimensions
  • exotic methods, such as coherent beam scattering, nuclear resonance, correlations spectroscopy
  • inelastic scattering emerging into applied materials
  • time resolved investigations on all scales, according to the forefront in the field
  • pump-probe and relaxation processes
  • in-situ studies on materials to increase productivity or to obtain information under extreme conditions
  • high resolution in space and reciprocal space
  • combination of methods such as imaging, diffraction, microscopy, electron diffraction
  • applications to exotic materials, such as amorphous, nano-crystalline, disordered or unstable structures
  • state-of-the-art applications in engineering and materials modeling, supported by such as strain scanning and texture analysis

K.D. Liss (Australia) , B. Clausen (USA), S. Harjo (Japan), M. Drakopoulos (UK)

Contact Name

K.D. Liss