23. March 2014 - 26. March 2014 Analytical Tools for Fuel Cells and Batteries

Bad Honnef, Germany


Efficient energy conversion and storage are the enabling technologies towards a safe and reliable energy solution employing fuel cells and batteries in a wide range of applications such as stationary, automotive, and grid storage. Their commercial success, however, requires drastic cost reduction and further performance improvement.

The development of innovative fuel cell and battery materials relies on our ever-expanding knowledge about the electrochemical reaction and degradation mechanisms. This is made possible by advanced analytical tools including novel imaging and spectroscopic techniques. These analytical tools are particularly useful if they are applied in-situ, when the material is “at work”. This seminar will highlight recent advances in this area, bringing the fuel cell and battery communities together to discuss strategies for future success.

There is a session on “Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation, X-Ray Diffraction.

Deadline for submission of contributions: December 20, 2013


Helmholtz-Institut Ulm

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