10. February 2014 - 13. February 2014 14th REIMEI Workshop on Spin Currents and Related Phenomena

ILL, Grenoble, France


The fourteenth Reimei International Workshop on “Spin Current and Related Phenomena” will be held at the ILL, Grenoble, France, on February 10-13, 2014.

“Reimei” means “Dawn” in Japanese, and it is the name of a collaborative research program run by the Advance Science Research Center of the JAEA.

In this workshop, specialists in spintronics, as well as in a few related fields of magnetism, such as actinide physics and neutron scattering, will get together and discuss recent results and future collaborations.

In the evening of February 9 (Sunday), an informal dinner will be arranged by the ILL. In addition to the formal program from February 10-12, Thursday, February 13, is devoted to free discussions.


ILL and Advanced Science Research Center, JAEA

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Institut Laue Langevin

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