21. September 2014 - 26. September 2014 Journées de la Diffusion Neutronique (JDN22)

Ile d’Oléron, France


Since more than 20 years, the French Neutron Scattering Society (SFN) organizes a neutron school during its annual meeting. In 2014, “les 22èmes Journées de la Diffusion Neutronique” (JDN22) will be held from September 21-26 at the “ile d’Oléron” (France). The 3.5 days school will be devoted to “Neutron and Crystallography” (September 21-24) and will be followed by the “Rencontres Rossat-Mignod” (Sept. 24-26), giving the opportunity for the scientists to exchange their latest results and trends.

The School aims at an audience including researchers and academics as well as beginners or advanced graduate students or post-docs in Solid State Physics, Chemistry and Material Science (expected number of participants is 80). The training objectives of the school are:

  • to highlight the specific contribution of neutron scattering for studying the wide variety of crystalline materials with respect to other techniques,
  • to present the different neutron techniques (diffraction, reflectometry, 3-axes spectroscopy, … ) with their most relevant limitations and their application fields,
  • to promote exchanges between the participants and the senior researchers and well-trained users working on large scale facilities.
    Introductory lectures (crystallography, properties of neutrons and neutron sources) will be given at the beginning of school before detailing more specific techniques for neutron measurements applied to the various problems (nuclear structure / dynamics / magnetism) and studied materials (powder / single crystal / thin film) as well as the main technical characteristics associated with spectrometers.
    Practicals on data analysis will be organized to complete the theoretical training.

The whole training will be published in a volume of the “collection SFN” (EDP sciences). All previous published books can be dowloaded via http://www.neutron-sciences.org/ (free access).


J.M. Kiat, P.E. Janolin (SPMS, Ecole Centrale Paris), F. Porcher, B. Gillon (LLB, CEA/Saclay), M.T. Fernandez-Diaz (ILL, Grenoble)

Contact Name

Dr. Arnaud DESMEDT, chairman of SFN




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