18. May 2014 - 21. May 2014 Molecular Machines: Lessons from Integrating Structure, Biophysics and Chemistry

EMBL Heidelberg, Germany



The conference programme is designed for biochemists, molecular and structural biologists who are interested in molecular machines. It should provide an overview of how structural biology, and more generally biophysical techniques can be applied to different biological problems. The techniques covered in the programme include classical high resolution structural biology techniques such as electron microscopy, crystallography and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, as well as fluorescence, mass spectrometry, small angle scattering and chemical biology.

The aim of the conference is to show the interdisciplinary nature of the diverse experimental approaches and promote a modern way of thinking, where barriers between specific expertises are crossed. The sessions are organised according to the biological questions, ranging from gene expression to cell division. Experts in the different techniques will present their work back to back, showing the multiplicity of routes that can be followed to understand molecular machines in the cell.


Registration deadline: 27 March 2014
Abstract deadline: 9 March 2014 (10.00 pm C.E.T.)


T. Carlomagno, J. Chin, J. Puglisi

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