24. June 2014 - 27. June 2014 International Conference "Condensed Matter Research at the IBR-2"

Dubna, Moscow region, Russia

Description The aim of the Conference on Condensed Matter Research at IBR-2 reactor, playing the role of the User Meeting, is to bring together the users of the neutron facility for discussion of recent experimental results, prospects of future research and development of IBR-2 instruments.

The topics of the Conference will highlight results of interdisciplinary research and development of neutron instruments and techniques, including:

  • Functional and nanostructured materials;
  • Magnetic colloid systems;
  • Layered magnetic nanostructures;
  • Carbon nanostructures;
  • Materials under extreme conditions;
  • Soft condensed matter (biological nanosystems, lipid membranes, polymers);
  • Lattice and molecular dynamics of materials;
  • Texture and properties of rocks and minerals;
  • Residual stresses in materials and products;
  • Neutron imaging;
  • Development of IBR-2 instruments;
  • Development of neutron scattering techniques;
  • Development of neutron detectors.

Programme of the Conference includes plenary reports (40 min), topic reports (20 min) and poster presentations.

The Working languages – Russian and English.


Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR)

Contact Name

Yulia Gorshkova (Scientific secretary)





7 (496-21) 62774


Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

141980 Dubna Moscow Region