28. June 2015 - 03. July 2015 Topological & Correlated Matter - Advances in Topological Phases of Matter in Crystalline Solids and Cold Atom Systems

Hong Kong, China


The field of topological matter is developing rapidly both in experiments on new materials and in the theoretical understanding of new topological phases of matter. The connection to strong correlation physics is also just beginning. The meeting plans to bring together active participants in these research areas to report their recent findings. The topics covered include new experimental results in topological insulators and topological superconductors, proximity and edge effects; the interplay between topology and strong correlation, in particular the possibility of new topological states which are not covered by the classification scheme of non-interacting fermions; and new materials and topological states, including Dirac and Weyl fermions.

Furthermore, cold atom system is now recognized as an attractive platform to realize many of the topology based ideas mentioned above. We plan to bring the cold atom and condensed matter physics community together to investigate issues pertaining to topology and strong correlation. The topics include progress in different approaches of constructing synthetic gauge fields and spin-orbit couplings in cold atoms, and the properties of bosons and fermions in these “topological” environments.

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