11. April 2016 - 15. April 2016 Conference on Solid Compounds of Transition Elements

Paraninfo Building of the University of Zaragoza, Spain


SCTE provides a forum for discussion on fundamental and applied research in the areas of solid state chemistry, physics and materials science of compounds containing d- and f- elements. The SCTE conference has always been promoted by the individuals forming the International Honorary and Advisory Committees.

The proceedings of the SCTE2016 will be published in a special issue of SOLID STATE PHENOMENA by TRANS TECH PUBLICATIONS, commemorating the 20th edition of the SCTE conference. A copy of the proceedings and web access to the papers will be granted to all registered participants.

The scope of the Conference includes the following Topics:

  • Processes and syntheses
  • Crystal chemistry
  • Phase equilibria and phase transitions
  • Thermodynamics
  • Magnetic, electrical and optical properties
  • Electronic phenomena at the crossover from localized to itinerant electronic behavior in solids
  • Theory, “ab initio” methods, electronic structure, chemical bonding
  • Physical and chemical properties at the nanometric scale: nanoparticles, films, interfaces
  • Synchrotron radiation and neutron scattering in research on transition element compounds
  • Materials for industry

and Materials:

  • Intermetallic compounds
  • Strongly correlated electron systems
  • Multiferroic and magnetoelectric systems
  • Topological quantum matter
  • Magnetocalorics, thermoelectrics
  • Multifunctional materials
  • Molecular solids: molecular magnetism, MOFs, spin crossover
  • Materials for energy storage: compounds for hydrogen storage, batteries and fuel cells
  • Novel superconducting materials, ruthenates, iron pnictides and oxide pnictides
  • Materials for high frequency applications
  • Disordered, inhomogeneous and frustrated materials

SCTE 2016 will present plenary and invited lectures by leading Scientist, keynote and oral talks, and poster presentations.

Abstract submission deadline: January 18th, 2016


CSIC, ICMA, Uni. Zaragoza

Contact Name

Juan Bartolomé