23. April 2012 - 25. April 2012 New Routes to Single-Phase Multiferroics

Bad Honnef, Germany


Multiferroic materials challenge our fundamental understanding of magnetic and ferroelectric order. The related properties, including the magnetoelectric coupling, make them promising for future applications in information technology. A strong magnetoelectric coupling is incompatible with traditional mechanisms of ferroelectricity, and so far no multiferroic material fulfilling all technological requirements has been found. To overcome these difficulties, new routes need to be treaded in materials research. In consideration of this, active scientists in the field will be brought together in the 505th WE-Heraeus seminar, in order to discuss the search for new materials and mechanisms, and their better understanding. The latter requires the development of new experimental and theoretical methods, which will also be a subject of the seminar. Younger colleagues will profit particularly from the exchange with experienced researchers in the field.

Contact Name

Dr Jörg Voigt