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By , 28/05/2014

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It has been almost 70 years since scientists all over the world have started to conduct neutron scattering experiments. To keep track of the developments in the field, Gerry Lander, who is a neutron scientist and the founding Editor of Neutron News, has launched the idea to create a repository for information on history. Neutronsources.org seemed just the right place to host it!

With the help of the people involved with the website, which is a NMI3 initiative, it was possible to widely call for contributions and thus receive material from a large number of facilities. The result can be found at http://neutronsources.org/about/history.html.

The History section aims therefore to provide articles, references and relevant information on the history of the world's neutron sources, instruments, techniques, and neutron scatterers.

It is structured as follows:

Have you got an interesting article about a neutron source or on the history of one of the neutron scattering techniques, or are you aware of relevant references? Please send it to and it can be published on the pages.

Gerry Lander's appeal for contributions to this section can be found at The pattern of the past: Appeal for articles on history, Neutron News, 25 .

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