09. April 2014 European Neutron & Muon Press Officers' network meeting

FRM II, Garching, Germany


The European Neutron & Muon Press Officers’ network will meet once again in Garching.

The agenda includes:

  • Discussion on Neutronsources.org (including a presentation on Lightsources.org by Sara Fletcher and on the Neutron Pathfinder by Karin Griewatsch)
  • Discussion on a Conference on PR activities in large scale facilities
  • Press Officers’ mailing list

And in the afternoon we will have a:

  • Science Communication session (talks by Sara Fletcher, Ina Helms, and Andrea Voit)


Inês Crespo, FRM II / NMI3

Contact Name

Inês Crespo



Press Officers' meeting 2014 - AGENDA