New video: NMI3 - The benefits of European Collaboration

In a new video, members of the project tell us about the advantages of collaborating at the European level.


NMI3-II: The benefits of European Collaboration NMI3-II: The benefits of European Collaboration

Click to see the video on the benefits of European Collaboration.

NMI3 is a consortium of the main neutron and muon facilities in Europe, and is funded by the European Union. It counts a total of 18 partner organisations from 12 countries. All project activities thus involve trans-national collaboration between different institutes. Whereas such partnership might be difficult to manage, it facilitates development of new instruments and techniques to serve the broader neutron scattering and user communities.

In this new video, you can learn about the benefits of this collaboration as well as the feedback we received from the European Commission, by the NMI3 Manager and Coordinator, scientists, and school organisers.

Some of the main advantages of NMI3 are the following:

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