International Conference on Highly Frustrated Magnetism

Date 07. July 2014 - 11. July 2014


Cambridge University in Cambridge, UK


This international conference will focus on recent developments in the study of the phenomenon of frustration in magnets. It will feature presentations reporting on experimental and theoretical studies of magnetic frustration, in all of its manifestations.

This conference follows in the series of HFM 2012 (Hamilton, Canada), HFM 2010 (Baltimore, USA), HFM 2008 (Braunschweig, Germany), HFM 2006 (Osaka, Japan), HFM 2003 (Grenoble, France) and HFM 2000 (Waterloo, Canada).


Steve Blundell, Steve Bramwell, Claudio Castelnovo (chair), John Chalker, Oleg Petrenko

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