X-Ray and Neutron Science - International Student Summer Programme at ILL/ESRF

Date 06. September 2015 - 03. October 2015


Grenoble, France


The ILL/ESRF International Student Summer Programme on X-Ray and Neutron Science is aimed at undergraduate students. It will consist in a 4-week experimental project embedded in a research g roup of ESRF or ILL, together with a series of introductory lectures on the principles and applications of X-ray and neutron science (magnetism, materials science, soft matter, structural biology, imaging, etc.).

During the first days of your stay, a series of introductory lectures will make you familiar with the basic principles of neutrons and x-rays :

  • Fundamental principles
  • Techniques used for their production (nuclear reactor, synchrotron)
  • Instrumentation and measurement techniques
  • Interaction with matter

Further on during your stay, various scientists from the ILL and the ESRF will give you insight into some more specific aspects of the application of neutrons and x-rays in a number different scientific fields, such as:

  • Diffraction and structure of materials
  • Imaging
  • Nuclear and particle phyiscs
  • Structural biology
  • Magnetism
  • Spectroscopy and inelastic scattering
  • Soft matter studies
  • and other examples of today’s scientific questions

In general, the content and the difficulty of the presentations will be adapted such that they are accessible for a third-year student who is interested in these subjects.

In addition to the series of lectures and your work on a project with one of our research groups, some activities will be organized in the evenings or on weekends, like excursions into town or into the mountains which are surrounding Grenoble.


Patrick Bruno (ESRF), Paul Steffens (ILL), Laurence Tellier (ILL)

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X-Ray and Neutron Science summer school ILL 2015 PosterX-Ray and Neutron Science summer school ILL 2015 Poster

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