Nature Milestones in Crystallography

The special issue is now out


The International Year of Crystallography 2014 (IYCr2014) commemorates not only the centennial of X-ray diffraction, which allowed the detailed study of crystalline material, but also the 400th anniversary of Kepler’s observation in 1611 of the symmetrical form of ice crystals, which began the wider study of the role of symmetry in matter. Nature Milestones special issue on crystallography is now out.

The Milestones are a series of specially written articles, highlighting the most influential developments towards understanding and using fundamental properties of light and its basic units, photons. Nature Milestones in Crystallography also includes a Collection of relevant articles and an online-only Library of papers and reviews from Nature Publishing Group.

Nature Milestones in Crystallography was produced with support from the worldwide network of neutron and X-ray sources.

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Source: IYCR2014

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