PhD position in DFT and MuSR/NMR in Parma

This position will be carried out within the framework of SINE2020. The deadline is September 4.

muon school

Students at the ISIS Muon Training School. Picture: Stephen Kill, ISIS


A PhD position on DFT (and beyond) + MuSR/NMR is available at the University of Parma. This position will be carried out within the framework of the SINE2020 project. Additional support for periods abroad (i.e. collaborations) are available. The deadline for submission of applications is 4 September 2015.

The ideal perspective Master/PhD student is not afraid of theory, has a passion for problem solving, some skills in computing, love and respect for experimental data, all qualities that may develop during the journey. The only pre-requisite is a generic background in solid state physics at the Master level. Skills in any of these aspects are highly valued.

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Download flyer: The Muon Site: μSR 2.0 - PhD position

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