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03. November 2011

Neutron scattering for the characterisation of magnetic fluids for anticancer treatment


By M. Avdeev & V. Garamus

Cancer remains one of the most widespread diseases and leading cause of death worldwide, despite a certain progress in diagnosis and treatment methods in recent years. Over the past decade researchers have been investigating the use of colloidal nanoparticles to act as delivery systems for targeted cancer drugs. Read more

29. October 2011

Control of electron flow and magnetism in atomically thin metal oxides

Boris& Keimer

By Alexander Boris and Bernhard Keimer

In modern microelectronic devices, electrons flow in channels that are beginning to approach atomic dimensions. Because the heat they generate degrades the delicate atomic structures and hampers device operation, the current semiconductor-based technology is approaching fundamental limitations. Read more

24. October 2011

Using muons to measure spin polarisation in organic spin-based devices

Spintronic devices

By A. Drew

Spintronic devices, electronic devices that utilise the spin degree of freedom of electrons, hold unique prospects for future technology. Recent research by Dr A. Drew and colleagues shows that it may be possible to use spintronics to develop faster, smaller computer chips combining processing power and memory. The research was carried out at the Low Energy Muon Spin Rotation spectrometer of the Paul Scherrer Institut in Switzerland, thanks to funding by NMI3. Read more