The European Commission congratulates the NMI3’s progress

The mid-term review report by the EC Research and Innovation DG



NMI3 is funded by the European Union.

The European Commission (EC) has reviewed the first two years of NMI3 activities and is rather impressed and happy with the project’s developments!

The EC recognises that the project facilitates cooperation between the major neutron and muon facilities and makes it easier to integrate different expertise available at the member facilities. The report stresses that “the ability in producing new neutron technology is almost at the maximum level achievable in Europe”. It states that through its main activities NMI3 (Access Programme , Joint Research Activities, and Networking Activities) has a high overall impact both on neutron users and scientists.

The developments within the activities of dissemination, e-learning e-learning, education and integrated user access were especially recognised. As in all other activities, much is being done in these work-packages. Efforts are being taken to promote the project’s results and activities among the scientific community. An e-learning platform is underway that will make it easier to learn about neutron scattering, simulate experiments, and receive quiz-lessons. Approximately 400 young European researchers receive training via one or more of the 15 NaMES schools (Neutron and Muon European Schools) each year, which are supported by NMI3. To submit a proposal for neutron scattering experiments can be a long procedure. Thanks to NMI3 support, a group is working on an Integrated User Access to make this procedure easier to both users and facilities. These and other activities are contributing to important developments in the neutron and muon worlds.

NMI3-II will run until January 2016 and members will do their best to integrate the EC’s valuable recommendations into the project’s activities. As confirmed by the EC, the NMI3 consortium has the capabilities to continue its activities successfully!


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