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Sample environment plays a crucial role for the success of a scattering experiment. For a majority of experiments the role of sample environment today shifted from a traditional purely technical supporting infrastructure, to a key component, crucial for the scientific success of the experiment. With more complex sample environment setups for increasingly complex questions to address, the sample environment teams around the world started in 1999 a closer collaboration with a series of workshops.

Now this collaboration led to the foundation of the International Society for Sample Environment (ISSE) in October 2014 at the 8th Workshop for Sample Environment at Eynsham Hall, UK. The main purpose of the ISSE is the promotion of scientific and technical developments of sample environment at scattering facilities (neutron, x-ray and others). The society will operate a platform for the exchange of information about sample environment and it will establish even closer links between the sample environment groups of the member facilities worldwide. Personal membership to the ISSE is free of charge and open to all persons involved in sample environment questions.

Yamali Hernandez (NIST, USA), Klaus Kiefer (HZB, Germany) and Paolo Imperia (ANSTO, Australia) have been elected respectively as Communication Officer, Chair and Secretary. The first technical school on sample environment will be organised at ISIS in February 2015.


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