Oxford Summer School on Neutron Scattering

6 - 18 September 2015

University of Oxford

Oxford neutron school 2011 Oxford neutron school 2011 Students and teachers at the 12th Oxford Neutron School

Students, lecturers and organisers from the 2011 School

The international Oxford Summer School provides an intensive series of lectures, exercise classes and tutorials in the area of neutron scattering. The students are accommodated in St. Anne’s college with the lectures held in the Department of Physics, Oxford University. The course lecturers are all acknowledged international experts in their field. The school offers students a comprehensive exposure to neutron scattering from the theoretical background, through to sources and instrumentation and the application of these techniques to a diverse range of disciplines.

Topics covered during the school include:
• The properties and sources of neutrons
• Neutron Instrumentation
• Theoretical description of neutron scattering
• Elastic scattering and spectroscopy
• Polarised techniques
• Hard and Soft condensed matter, biology and engineering research using neutrons

An exhaustive list can be found on the school website. The topics are backed up by tutorial sessions in small groups with the course lecturers. This represents a unique opportunity to discuss the course material with the lecturers, to work through examples drawn from the course material and to share research experiences.

A visit to the ISIS spallation neutron source and the second target station is also included.

Two school related evening lectures will be provided. An informative and popular session on science communication is also included.

The international school is limited in size to 50 residential places.

Further information on the school can be found at: http://www.oxfordneutronschool.org/

Oxford School 2013 - Students Oxford School 2013 - Students

Report on the 2013 school

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