New video: Mark Johnson on the impact of NMI3

Given that NMI3-II will finish soon it was time to take stock of the work developed over the last four years.

, 27/11/2015

Neutrons & Muons for Europe: the impact of NMI3 2012 - 1016 Neutrons & Muons for Europe: the impact of NMI3 2012 - 1016

Click to see Mark Johnson, NMI3 Coordinator, tell how NMI3 contributes to advancing science.

NMI3-II has been going on since 2012 now and will end in January 2016. It was time to take stock of the work developed along these four years and reflect on how the project's outcomes might contribute to advancing science.

In this video, Mark Johnson, coordinator of the NMI3-II project, tells us of the activities part of the project and how each one is relevant to the European scientific community.

NMI3 Activities focused on:

  • Education with 15 funded schools and an e-learning platform that will soon be freely available online so that students and scientists can learn about neutron scattering and simulate experiments
  • Data Analysis that requires software development
  • Integrated User Access to harmonise access of users to conduct experiments at European facilities
  • Industry to bridge the facilities with members from industry who could benefit from neutron and muon techniques
  • Advanced Methods and Techniques to exploit the very high intensity beams that will be used at the European Spallation Source (ESS)
  • Detectors to cope with the shortage of 3He and provide large scale detectors to the ESS
  • Muons to develop technologies and techniques which extend the range of capabilities available to users
  • Imaging and Soft and Bio Matter which are growing areas in neutron scattering of potential interest for industry

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