Registration now open for the 2014 Fan du LLB School

Deadline for registration : October 19, 2014


Dates: December 8-11th 2014
Place: LLB, France

School series - The 2013 Fan du LLB school School series - The 2013 Fan du LLB school

Watch our Fan du LLB video where participants tell about their experience.

The next French neutron scattering training, the “FAN du LLB 2014” will take place on December 8-11th 2014 in the Laboratoire Léon Brillouin (LLB) at Saclay, near Paris, France. It consists in trainings devoted to young researchers interested in the use of neutron scattering for the study of condensed matter.

This school benefits from NMI3 support, which enables the organisers to take in consideration registrations coming from non-French European laboratories.

N.B.: Please note that these trainings are fully delivered in French!

NMI3 support
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