The 2013 FullProf School – conversations with participants

Training in the treatment of X-ray and neutron diffraction data


The FullProf Suite is one of the most widely used packages for diffraction data analysis by the scientific community. The Institut Laue-Langevin has organised the 6th FullProf School between November 18 and 22 to give the essential tools to use the software.

School series - The 2013 FullProf School School series - The 2013 FullProf School

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This annual school is supported by NMI3 and aims to provide scientists with intensive hands-on training focused on the analysis of X-ray and neutron diffraction data using the FullProf Suite.

The participants came from diverse countries, ages and worked in the fields of materials science, solid-state physics and chemistry. We have talked with them to know what their motivation to attend the school was and what they enjoyed the most during the week in Grenoble. A number of attendees had already used FullProf in their research before, but wanted to deepen their knowledge in the usage of the software to be able to make use of all its potentialities. The school has certainly been a good guidance!

Everyone enjoyed the school very much. According to the participants the programme was well structured, with a good balance between lectures and practicals, so that they could make the best of their time at ILL to learn as well as possible. That was certainly easy given the friendly and interactive atmosphere in the classroom. Most of them plan to soon submit a proposal for beamtime in one of the neutron facilities and will be able to analyse the resulting data with FullProf.